Our Story

A Gift from God

The story of Small Beginnings starts a few years ago. Our firstborn son, Benjamin was a few months old. He had been gifted many faith-based books and Bibles but no matter how hard we tried to engage him in Bible stories, the only books at which he would intently look were a few black-and-white board books. Research shows that for the first several months of life, infants can only see black, white, and red; most of the books we had were full of too many colors and words. One day at a conference I was thinking of how to get my baby interested in Bible stories at a very young age so that as he grew, the seed of recognition and faith would also grow. At that conference, God planted the seed of an idea for this board book series. Since that day, I have been working on them during stolen moments, nap-times or late into the night. The first of their kind, Small Beginnings books are made specifically to plant a seed of faith in the very youngest of hearts. These books are not only for my babies Ben and Will, but for every baby's small beginning.